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Advance 360°

Creating connections & opportunities

The objective of our courses is to help participants understand what being self-employed really means and highlight some of the personal skills needed to run a business.

They will appreciate the importance of planning before starting a business and why they will need a business plan and a well-thought-out value proposition.

Participants are encouraged to explore and define the market, assess the viability of their business venture and develop their business and management skills.

Mindset Matters

We believe that mindset matters just as much as knowledge so participants get involved in exploring case studies and taking part in role plays to develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills
Then, during the run up to starting their business, we provide a full programme of advice, mentoring and support to ensure that participants can proceed with full confidence.

Also helping to build confidence is the quality and calibre of our training staff.  They are all successful businesswomen and men in their own right who can talk from their own professional experience.

For example, we have top bankers giving financial advice and leading advertising and PR people explaining marketing and promotion, so participants can be sure they're getting the best information.

And, as well as being business professionals, our trainers also have a proven track record in education having taught at top-ranked universities and colleges.